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Recognizing Abscesses in Your Donkey

Did you know that abscesses can be a potential health issue for donkeys? Recognizing abscesses in your donkey and knowing how they are caused is the first step toward helping your donkey recover from this condition.

Where Do Abscesses Occur?

Abscesses may occur anywhere on your donkey’s body or even in its internal organs. They are most commonly found in the hoof or beneath the skin. It is here where the pressure may build up and cause the abscess to rupture. A ruptured abscess can expel a significant amount of pus depending upon its size. 

What Causes Abscesses?

Abscesses are caused when a foreign body or an infection causes the donkey’s body to produce and accumulate white blood cells. This results in the formation of pus as your donkey’s immune system begins to wall off the foreign body or infection. Abscesses to the hoof are most commonly caused by something sharp either puncturing the hoof or getting lodged into the hoof. 

How Can I Recognize and Abscess?

Abscesses on the body are usually easy to recognize due to the sore that develops, particularly after it ruptures and expels ps. If the infection grows deep into the tissues, your donkey may also exhibit signs of lameness. If you suspect an abscess has occurred, it is essential to contact a veterinarian right away in order to prevent the issues from worsening. 

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