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Recognizing Heat Stroke in Your Horse

The Last Ride Arizona discusses potential Heat Stroke in Your Horse

Any time your horse is exposed to excessive heat, a heat stroke is possible. While it is most commonly associated with exercising in hot conditions, it can also happen if your horse is simply standing in a hot stall or trailer and is unable to handle the heat. Knowing and recognizing the signs of a heat stroke can be essential in getting your horse the proper treatment it needs in a timely fashion.

Signs of Heat Stroke

Phoenix Horse Removal Service

Phoenix Horse Removal Service

There are many signs associated with a heat stroke in horses. These include:

  • Elevated heart rate that does not return to normal within a reasonable amount of time
  • Excessive sweating or lack of sweating
  • Temperature persistently above 103 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Depression and/or lethargy
  • Signs of dehydration, such as poor skin turgor, dry mucous membranes and poor capillary refill

If you believe your horse may be suffering from a heat stroke, call your veterinarian right away and move your horse to a cooler environment. If the proper actions are not taken, your horse could become permanently disabled from a heat stroke or death may occur.

If your horse passes away from a heat stroke or other condition, you certainly want to be sure the body will be removed in a respectful and timely manner. With The Last Ride, you can take comfort in knowing that your horse will be treated with dignity as we transport it to the location of your choice.