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Creating the Proper Shelter for Your Llama

The Last Ride AZ discusses Shelter for your Llama

Creating the proper Shelter for your Llama is essential when raising any type of large animal, but it is important to understand the animal you are sheltering and its specific needs when deciding upon the type of shelter you will create. While llamas are tough, they do require shelter regardless of where they are raised. Furthermore, in warmer climate such as that which is found in Arizona, they need to have a breezy shelter where they can cool off while also having access to shade.

Some of the essentials that must be included with a llama shelter include:

  • Dry flooring
  • At least two or three solid sides to block winds
  • At minimum of 40 square feet of floor space per llama, or a space measuring at least 8×8 for a single llama
  • A n interior height of at least seven feet, with taller being even better

It is also helpful to have a place to feed hay within the shelter, but keep in mind that llamas often urinate and defecate within their shelters. Therefore, you need to be sure to keep the feed in an area where it won’t be soiled by this behavior.

When the time comes that one of your llamas passes away, you can count on The Last Ride to remove the body in a respectful manner. Contact us to learn more!