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Taking Care of Your Donkey Companion – Part 1

Are you considering buying a donkey for your farm? If so, it is helpful to learn a bit more about how to care for donkeys. In this first of a three-part series, we will explore how to properly care for your new donkey companion.

Long-Term Companions

Before purchasing a donkey, it is good to know that they are very loving and affectionate animals that are known to live for 25 years or longer. Therefore, you need to be prepared to take on the commitment of owning a donkey before you make a purchase.

Gender Differences

Learning the proper terminology is also helpful when owning a donkey. For starters, it is important to know that males are called jacks while females are called jennets. Castrated males, on the other hand, are simply called geldings. 

Donkey Socializing

Donkeys typically do not care for being kept alone. Generally speaking, it is recommended to keep either two jennies or one gelding and a jennie when owning donkeys. If you only want to have one donkey, they can also live quite happily along with goats. 

Donkey BehaviorIt is also helpful to know and to understand that donkeys are typically quite strong and may sometimes even be stronger than a horse. They also have incredible memories and will remember you even if a long time has passed since they last saw you. 

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