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Taking a Closer Look at Rendering When Disposing of a Large Animal Carcass

Phoenix animal removal

When it comes to Phoenix animal removal, you have three main options available to you: burial, cremation or rendering. Before you decide which option is right for you, it is beneficial to learn more about each of the three options.

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Phoenix animal removal

For most large animal owners, rendering is the option that is the least familiar. A rendering plant is a plant that processes animal by-product materials for high-protein meat as well as for tallow, bone meal and grease. Some rendering plants work specifically along with slaughterhouses or poultry processing plants, while others obtain their animals from a variety of sources. Referred to as independent processing plants, these rendering plants may accept entire animal carcasses as well as blood, features, offal and grease.

Of course, they may also be obtained from private animal owners who are parting with a beloved pet. Regardless of your situation, The Last Ride Arizona takes pride in providing a professional and compassionate Phoenix animal removal service to each of our clients. Whether you are choosing burial, cremation or rendering, we will help you through the process in the most respectful way possible.