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The Three Basics of Caring for Cattle

Caring for your cows requires taking care of some very basic nutritional needs.


Fresh water must be available for cattle at all times. Generally speaking, a mature cow will consume between 30 to 70 liters of water every day. Therefore, you need to be sure to have a container that is large enough to handle that amount of water.

You may also need to setup an automated refill setup to ensure enough water is available throughout the day. Obviously, the hotter the weather, the more water the cattle will consume.

Salt and Minerals

To keep your cattle healthy, they also need to have access to salt and mineral licks at all times. If your soil is deficient of selenium, you will need to be sure to use salt blocks with selenium added to them. Trace mineral blocks are also available and may be needed depending upon your soil. You can purchase both salt blocks and specially designed holders at your local feed store. 

FeedAs animals with four chambers to their stomachs, cows rely mainly on hay or pasture to meet their dietary needs. Your pasture should be plentiful and of a good quality, as it will provide your cattle with the bulk of their dietary needs.

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