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Tips for Cleaning Your Horse’s Hooves

Cleaning Your Horse’s Hooves provides your horse with healthy feet! The Last Ride Arizona discusses Hoof Cleaning

Cleaning your horse’s hooves is an important part of keeping it healthy. Learning how to clean the hooves may seem a bit overwhelming or even scary at first, but it is generally a simple process that will help make your horse feel more comfortable. Cleaning the hooves also gives you the opportunity to check for signs of injury or other issues, such as grease heal or thrush.

Cleaning Your Horse’s HoovesTo clean your horse’s hooves, follow this simple process:

  • Slide your hand down the foreleg
  • Squeeze the back of the horse’s leg along the tendons in the area just above the pastern while saying “hoof,” “up” or whatever you wish to train your horse to respond to
  • While holding the hoof, pry out any manure, dirt or other debris that is lodged in the frog or sole of the foot
  • Take note of cracks in the wall of the hoof or any other signs of injury
  • Gently place the foot back on the ground and move on to the next foot until they are all done

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Some also suggest using hoof oil or ointment on the hooves at the end of the grooming session. While some believe it prevents the hoof from absorbing moisture, others feel it helps to seal it in. Talk to your farrier to determine if it is the right choice for you.

Even with the proper care, the time will come when your horse needs to be put down or passes on its own. When this day comes, contact The Last Ride to help with the transport and disposal of your equine companion.