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Tips for Cooling Your Horse Down After a Workout

The Last Ride Arizona Provides Information on Horse Workout Cool Down Tips

Whether it is the summer months or a particularly warm winter day in Arizona, taking the steps to keep your horse properly cooled is essential. This is particularly true after a long ride, after which your horse may be covered in sweat and in need of a cool down. To ensure your horse is properly cooled down after a ride or other workout, keep the following tips in mind:

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  • Walk your horse the last mile of the ride rather than riding it hard.
  • Remove the saddle as soon as you are done with your ride.
  • Walk your horse around the pasture when you get home if necessary to bring its temperature, respiration rate and pulse rate down to normal.
  • Offer water to your horse.
  • Use a hose to apply water to your horse on particularly hot days.
  • Rub your horse down with a towel after applying water, making sure to pay special attention to where the saddle sits as well as to the areas on its neck and flanks.

Remember, after riding your horse, its comfort should come before your own. When the day comes that it is time for your horse to be put down or it passes naturally, contact The Last Ride Arizona to assist with all of your Arizona horse burial needs.