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Tips for Keeping Your Horse Cool This Summer

While providing your horse with a place to get out of the sun is one way to help keep it cool during the hot Arizona summers, there are times when taking additional steps will be necessary in order to keep your horse safe from heat –related illnesses. With these five tips, you will be sure to keep your horse safe and comfortable this summer:

  • Install fans: Finding ways to keep the air moving in the barn will help to keep your horse cool, but be sure to find a way to keep cords and plugs out of the reach of your horse.
  • Use misters: Adding a misting system to your barn will help to keep your horse cool as the moisture is absorbed from your horse’s skin. Frequent mistings are better at keeping horses cool than one single spray with a hose.
  • Clip the coat: Horses with longer hair coats should get a clipping in order to stay cooler in the winter. Just be sure to avoid clipping the coat too low because some coat does provide protection from the sun.
  • Slow down: During hotter weather, it may be necessary to slow down your horse’s workload in order to prevent heat exhaustion.
  • Replace electrolytes: In addition to ensuring your horse has access to fresh, cool water, you should also provide an electrolyte source such as a salt block. If your horse doesn’t seem to use the salt block, consider misting its hay with salt water before feeding.

Taking these additional steps will ensure that your horse does not experience any heat-related illnesses or other issues this summer.