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Large Animal Removal and Disposal


Tips for Keeping Your Horse Properly Hydrated

Ensuring your horse or other large animal has adequate water can be difficult, particularly in hot climate areas such as Arizona. To keep your horse properly hydrated without stressing yourself out in the process, consider implementing these water-delivery strategies.

  • Horse Properly HydratedAdd more containers: the easiest way to make more water available is to simply add more containers to each stall. You might also want to consider adding additional troughs to each paddock.
  • Install pipes: Running pipes from the main water line along the outside of the stalls and above door-frame height will make it far easier for you to provide water to your animals. Install an on/off switch at each stall and run a short hose from the valves to each water bucket for an even easier water-delivery method. Another option is to install piles in the floor in the aisleway with a dedicated spigot and hose for each stall.
  • Go automatic: Automatic waterers, which include safety features to prevent shock, typically offer gauges to measure water intake while also ensuring water is always available.

Despite your best efforts to care for your horse or other large animal, the day will come when the animal passes away and needs to be removed. When this day comes, you can trust The Last Ride to remove the animal in a respectful manner.