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Treating Streptococcus equi in Your Donkey

While abscesses to the skin or the hoof may be relatively easy to identify in your donkey, it is possible for your donkey to also develop abscesses to its internal organs. One such example of Streptococcus equi, which is a type of infection that leads to abscesses of internal organs as well as in the lymph nodes that are located below the ear and in the throat. 

Treating the Abscess

Depending on the nature of the abscess and its location, your veterinarian may do one of several things to Treating Streptococcus equi in Your Donkey. For example, the veterinarian may apply a poultice to draw the abscess to the surface. Your veterinarian may also lance the abscess and then irrigate the wound. Or, a combination of these treatment methods may be necessary.When your veterinarian treats the abscess, you should ask that they take a sample of the pus in order to identify the type of bacteria that has caused the infection. This will help to determine the type of antibiotics to use to further treat the abscess, if necessary. It will also help you to determine whether or not you need to isolate the donkey in order to keep it from infecting other animals. Contact your veterinarian to learn more. 

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