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Types of Boarding Available for Your Horse

If you are planning to board your horse, it is helpful to learn more about the various times of boarding that are available. In this way, you can better determine which type is best suited to you and your needs. To that end, here is a look at the three main types of boarding that are available.

Full Board

Types of Boarding Available for Your HorseFull board meets all of the needs of your horse, including having access to a stable. This means you do not have to visit the horse every day to ensure its needs are being met. This is best-suited to those with busy schedules who can also afford the higher cost. Full board may also be setup to include things such as lessons and both arena and equipment use.

Pasture Board

Pasture board is a more economic option than full board, as the horse will live outdoors throughout the year with just a run-in shelter for shelter. The horse is also provided with feed and water, but the horse may not receive individual daily attention. This option can be a good choice for those who ride occasionally or for horses that dislike being stabled.

Self-Care Board

With self-care board, you are responsible for bringing in the feed and bedding for your horse. Feeding and otherwise caring for the horse is your responsibility, as the boarding stable only provides the facilities for your horse to use. This is the most economic option, but it also requires more coordination on your part with the owner and requires you to provide your horse with daily attention.

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