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Providing Water for Your Horse

Providing fresh water is an essential part of caring for your horse, but water is even more important in the summer months in Arizona. After all, the extremely high temperatures during the summer are potentially deadly to your horse. No matter the season, fresh water should be available to your horse at all times. The amount of water that your horse requires depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • Air Temperature
  • Type of Feed
  • Workload
  • General Health of the Horse
  • Size of the Horse

If you have a horse who is pregnant or who is a nursing mare, the amount of water necessary will also be increased. 

To ensure your horse receives enough water, you may need to install automatic waterers in the stables. At the very minimum, buckets of water should be provided for your horse. While buckets are easier to clean than an automatic waterer, they are heavier to carry and require more physical labor to maintain. In addition, they are easy to spill and more difficult to properly secure. 

Of course, natural water sources – such as a spring-fed pond or a stream – within the pasture can also be beneficial. But, since these are not resources that are always easily available in Arizona, developing an effective watering system is important to ensure your horse remains hydrated and healthy.

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