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Weaning Your Foal

Weaning your foal from its mother is a necessary part of the horse rearing process. While it can be somewhat difficult to do, it is a necessary step in helping the mare and the foal gain independence.

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Generally speaking, it is best to begin the weaning process between the ages of four and six months. Most horse owners agree that the cold turkey method is best. While both the mare and the foal may seem to be a bit upset at first, most get past this initial behavior fairly quickly. To assist with this transition process, it is a good idea to either return the mare to the boarding stable or to return her to the pasture full time illdqgd. It is also best to place the foal with other foals who are going through the same process.

If you prefer to use a gradual method of weaning, you may choose to place the foal in an adjacent coral for a period of time each day. Gradually increase the separation time over a span of two weeks before keeping the two completely separated. This allows the mare and the foal to still see each other while becoming more independent.

Unfortunately, the time will eventually come when the mare and even her foal will need to be put down or will pass from natural causes. In either case, you can count on The Last Ride to assist you with all of your Arizona large animal removal needs.