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What to Expect When Requesting an Autopsy on Your Large Animal

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3When contacting a Phoenix large animal removal company, you might want to have your animal taken for an autopsy before having it cremated or buried. With the help of an autopsy, also called a necropsy, you can determine the cause of death. Determining the cause of death may be important for putting your mind to rest or, in the case of a disease outbreak, it may be an important step toward ensuring your other animals remain safe and health.

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When sending your animal for a necropsy, it can be helpful to have a better understanding of the process that will take place. Generally, a necropsy involves the following steps:

  • An inspection of the exterior of the body, which involves looking for signs of trauma and general observations about the animal’s physical health
  • Collection of blood and other substances found in the body
  • Opening the body to inspect internal organs
  • Collection of samples from one or more of the internal organs

Samples taken from internal organs may include brain samples to check for signs of transmissible spongiform encephalitis (TSE) in a downer cow or samples of stomach contents to see what was eaten before death. The heart and lungs may also be examined for signs of disease.