Tips for Safely Catching Your Horse in the Pasture

Walking out to a pasture full of horses to retrieve one horse can be a bit unnerving. After all, a horse could easily hurt or even kill someone simply with its massive size and weight. Therefore, if you have to go out to pasture to catch a horse, here are a few simple safety tips to keep in mind:

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  • Never carry grain with you. While you might think grain will help you tempt the horse you are trying to catch, it will also attract the other horses on the pasture. This could put you in a dangerous situation as you are surrounded by a mob.
  • Walk with confidence. Walking with confidence in a somewhat aggressive manner will help the other horses on the pasture know not to bother you. Generally, simply walking by the other horses and ignoring them is all that is necessary.
  • Prevention is always the best approach. If you have a horse that you know to be aggressive, it should not be allowed out to pasture with the other horses.
  • Practice catching your horse and giving it a treat or grooming it before putting it back out to pasture. This way, your horse will associated being caught with positive experiences and will be more likely to be cooperative in the future.

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