Recognizing Signs of Illness or Distress in Your Horse

As a responsible horse owner, it is essential for you to know how to recognize signs of illness in your equine friend. In this way, you will be better prepared to provide the proper care for your horse to ensure it remains healthy for years to come. 

Just as with humans, horses tend to display certain symptoms to indicate that they are not feeling well. For example, your horse may start drinking less water than usual or it may not want to eat as much or as frequently as it usually does. Your horse may also appear lethargic or have an overall “dull” appearance. In addition, your horse may not urinate or defecate as frequently as usual or you may even begin to notice excessive sweating.

Of course, your horse may also display some far more obvious signs of being sick. For example, your horse may actually develop a fever. It may even have a cough or a snotty nose. If you notice your horse rolling around or pawing the ground, it may also be a sign that your horse is not feeling well and needs medical attention.

If you notice these signs of illness or otherwise suspect that your horse may not be feeling well, contact a veterinarian right away in order to get your horse the help it needs.

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