Giving Your Horse the Proper Shelter

When becoming a horse owner, it is important to ensure you have the right shelter and pasture in place. While a natural grove of trees can provide your horse with good shade, you will need at least a three-side enclosure to help shelter your horse from wind, rain and the hot Arizona sun. The back wall of the shelter should face the prevailing wind in order to provide your horse with the best protection possible and, of course, if you plan to have more than one horse, the shelter must be large enough for all of your horses to fit inside together.

horse-petIn addition to shelter, your horse will need plenty of pasture to roam. As a general rule of thumb, you should provide at least one acre of pasture per horse. Before pasturing your horse, make sure it is rid of all trash, hazards and poisonous plants. Plants that are harmful to horses include deadly nightshade, yew, foxglove, ragwort, oak leaves and acorns, buttercups, laurel, bracken, meadow saffron, privet, locoweed, castor bean, star thistle, horsetail and sorghum. Read More