Keeping Your Cattle Free from Bacterial Infections

While cows are relatively easy to care for in terms of keeping them healthy, there are a few conditions that you need to watch out for to ensure your cows stay healthy. Two such conditions include mastitis and foot rot.

What is Mastitis?

Mastitis is an inflammation of the mammary glands that is caused by bacteria. It generally affects cows that have been lactating, but even those that are not lactating can contract mastitis. 

Symptoms of acute mastitis include elevated temperature and the udder becoming hot, hard and swollen. Treatment with antibiotics is crucial in recovering from mastitis. 

Foot Rot

Foot rot is also a bacterial infection, but rather than affecting the mammary glands, it affects the hoof. One or more hooves may be affected by foot rot at the same time, with the first symptom typically being general lameness. Other symptoms may include odor, swelling and pus or discharge 

You can greatly minimize the risk of foot root by providing proper hoof care and by maintaining all of the cow’s living areas. This includes keeping your cattle off of muddy pastures as well as rough walking surfaces, as these surfaces can injure the hoof. You should contact your veterinarian immediately if hoof rot is suspected.

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