Enjoying Time With Your Older Horse

Did you know that many horses live to be more than 30-years-old? This is a much longer lifespan than what can be expected with many other popular pets, including both cats and dogs. But, what factors can affect how long your horse lives and how can you help to ensure it lives a long and healthy life?

The biggest factors that determine how long your horse lives including medical care and proper nutrition. Advances in veterinary medicine have helped to lengthen the life expectancy of horses, while proper nutrition will also help your horse live a long and healthy life. The breed of your horse is also a factor, with some breeds living longer than others. Smaller breeds such as Arabians, for example, tend to outlive larger breeds such as draft horses. Similarly, pones tend to live longer than horses. 

Of course, determining the age of a horse is not always easy, particularly if the horse does not have identifying paperwork to verify its age. In this case, you can obtain an approximate age of a horse by looking at its teeth. Nonetheless, even senior horses can continue to live healthy and useful lives if given the proper care. Older horses may be used to give children riding lessons or to simply provide company to younger horses while teaching them good manners.

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