Protecting Your Horse or Other Large Animals from the Arizona Heat: The Basics

It may seem hard to believe, but the hot Arizona summers are right around the corner. Unfortunately, high temperatures can be dangerous to horses and other large animals. In some cases, it can even prove to be fatal. Therefore, it is never too early to start looking at ways to keep your horses and other large animals safe from the heat of the Arizona sun. To that end, here are some basics to keep in mind for your horses during the summer.

Provide Plenty of Water

Your horses and other large animals should have access to clean, cool water throughout the day and night. On especially hot days, you may need to change the water out more than once in order to ensure it is not boiling hot. Try to keep the water in a shadier area so it does not heat up too quickly.

Offer Shade

Your horses and other large animals need to have access to plenty of shade opportunities during the hot summer months in Arizona. This shade may come in the form of trees, run-in sheds or full shelters. 

While these tips may seem obvious, it important for you to take a close look at your setup to ensure there are no barriers or other issues preventing your horse or other large animal from accessing the water or the shade that you provide. 

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