Is a Run-Off Shelter Right for Your Horse?

If you are considering sheltering your horse in a run-in shed or other form of loose housing, it is important for you to explore the advantages and disadvantages of this form of shelter in order to determine if it is the right type of shelter for you and your horse. 

Some of the clear advantages of using a run-in shed is that it is less work for you as an owner. Run-in sheds are cheaper than stables and typically only need periodic cleaning. In addition, this cleaning can often be handled by a tractor. In addition, your horse can choose when to go in and out of the shed, which also typically has better ventilation than a stable. Run-in sheds can also often be purchased as kits, making them easy to assemble. Some are even portable and can be moved according to weather, pasture or drainage.

On the other hand, run-in sheds do not provide you with a means by which you can contain your horse if it is in need of rest due to an injury or sickness. Using a run-in shed also makes it more difficult to monitor how much your horse is eating or how much manure it is producing. All of these factors should be considered when determining if this type of shelter is right for you and your horse.

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