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Basics of Caring for Your Horse

The Last Ride AZ Discusses Basic Horse Care

Owning a horse requires more than just having a shelter and pasture in place. Rather, it requires daily maintenance and care. To that end, here are some daily chores you can expect to have as a horse owner.

Provide Clean Water

Horses require a constant supply of fresh water, which means a watering bucket will need to be refilled at least twice per day and whenever it is empty. A watering trough supplied by a pipe is even better.

Choose the Right Bedding

Contrary to popular believe, horses do lie down. Furthermore, it is not healthy for them to stand all day on a hard floor. Straw is a good bedding option because it is warm and inexpensive, but it sometimes contains fungal sports and horses do occasionally eat straw bedding. Therefore, dust-free wood shavings is a better option because it is clean and hygienic. Rubber matter is also a good addition, but should be covered with straw or wood shavings to provide extra warmth.

Clean the Stable

If your horse is kept in a stable, it should be cleaned out three times per day. During this process, all droppings should be removed with a shovel and wheelbarrow and the bedding should be leveled.

When the day comes that your horse passes on, you want to ensure it receives the same high level of care and love it received while under your care. When that day comes, contact The Last Ride for the most professional and respectful large animal removal service in Arizona why not find out more.