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What to Look for in a Horse Trailer: Part 2 of 3

In this second of a three-part series about purchasing a horse trailer, we will take a look at the outside of the trailer and the elements you should be sure to check before making a purchase.


The condition of the tires will have a direct effect on the smoothness and safety of the ride. In addition to ensuring they are properly inflated, you should also check to ensure the wear pattern is even.


The electrical components of a horse trailer should also be tested before making a purchase. Turn on the parking lights, check the taillights and brake lights and make sure the running lights works. You should also test the directional signal lights, the four-way flashers and any inside lighting that the trailer may have.

Outside Condition

Checking the general condition of the outside of the trailer is important for more than just aesthetic reasons. After all, whether or not the owner bothered to care for the outside is a good indicator of whether or not he or she bothered to take care of the inside. Look for rust, scrapes and whether or not the trailer is poorly painted. If there are issues, take a close look to determine whether or not they can be easily repaired.

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